Giving Something Back


– so those with less can share our success.


At Babi Bw we’re committed to supporting Children’s Charities in Wales.


We at Babi Bw have purposefully focused on developing high quality products, beautifully designed and presented to the customer, showcasing some of the very best creative talent in Wales.


We know that this is important you. You rightly want the best for your children. We also understand that our products are not immediately affordable to all. We’ve thought about this and about the direction of travel we want to see our business take and the type of customer we are seeking to attract.


These days, the term ‘corporate responsibility’ is frequently heard. For all of us, this is about every purchase contributing to the wider goal of giving something back. However, it’s important to define this purpose and to have a measurable and transparent strategy. So…


How will Babi Bw ensure that those with less share our success?


We are committed to working specifically with children’s charities across Wales and will donate a percentage of our profits to our partners in the Charitable Sector, ensuring that we give back to those communities that will provide the talent and commitment to grow dynamic Welsh businesses in the future.


This is an approach we believe all business’s should consider as good for our society and, in the longer term, to strengthen our economy for the good of all by attracting more customers to what Welsh businesses have to offer.


Put simply, we’re giving something back to give more children the chance to prosper.


We currently share our success with: Latch, Sparkle & Noah’s Ark

If you are interested to learn more please either click the logos to visit the charities websites or get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.