We love Wales. We love babies. We love quality. We love gifts – well who doesn’t?



We have been blessed with two special, healthy and unique babies of our own and have lived through that fuzzy, wonderful time – a new-born baby asleep, wrapped peacefully in a blanket, giving us time (albeit limited) to enjoy reading and opening gifts and messages of congratulations and well wishes. During the new-born haze with our youngest and having just opened a gift of some receiving blankets from relatives in Canada, we started to talk about baby blankets – how different and varied they all are and how special it would be to receive something ultra-soft and Welsh. I am currently learning Welsh and have been alongside Graeme at every step of our journey to get Babi Bw up and running.


Having spent much of my childhood in North Wales I am now living in South Wales with my wife Katherine and our two gorgeous children Lauren and Kobi. I feel a strong connection to Wales and what it represents. I am fortunate to have worked as a business advisor helping young businesses to start-up, develop and grow their own unique identities. I have always been passionate about quality products and believe that the organic cotton & bamboo that we use for our baby blankets can rival the softest.

As a proud, new daddy, even though I wanted to show off my new baby, I was conscious that I didn’t really want to carry around blankets covered in fluffy animals. Here in Wales, the idea for Babi Bw was born. Ensuring the highest quality and maintaining the integrity of a Welsh brand have been our priorities, throughout the design and manufacturing process. Giving something back to Welsh Children’s charities is a concept particularly close to our hearts as our son suffered a near fatal accident at the age of 18 months and the help and care that we as a family received was tremendous.


From the minute I came home to see my new baby brother Kobi I wanted to help mummy to look after him. I wrapped him in blankets to keep him warm and fetched whatever he needed. I also looked after my baby doll whilst mummy and daddy looked after him. My favourite blanket is “The light pink and dark pink one.” (Our Snowdonia design).


Even though I am now nearly four, I love snuggling in my blanket at home on the sofa, surrounded by mummy, daddy and Lauren. I love kisses, cuddles and squeezes and have always given them freely. My favourite blanket is “the bumpy, bumps one.” (Our Brecon design).