We aim to have your garment in the post between 3-5 days from your order date.

We will keep you updated with any issues or delays via email.


Personalisation & Gift Messages

The Personalisation option is available once you have selected your item, the Gift Message option becomes available once you have progressed through your order to the checkout.

Are your fabrics certified?

All our cotton yarn is certified by GOTS as being organic.
Please ask if you would like to see our knitters current GOTs certificates – this is no problem at all.
We ourselves are not certified by GOTS. In order to apply for GOTs certification ourselves it would be a huge project and a cost that a growing business like ours cannot incur.
So we insist on GOTS certificates to cover all the yarn we use in our cotton fabric.

How do I wash my garment?

Caring for your precious gift

As with any precious gift, your new Babi Bw garment will need some gentle care and attention in order to maintain its optimum condition.
Due to the fact that we use organic fabric at Babi Bw, we have found the occasional instance of an imperfection in our fabrics. We do not apologise for this and would expect anything completely natural to be perfectly imperfect. We feel that this adds to the integrity of our organic range of Babi Bw products.

At Babi Bw we advise washing all of our garments at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees and we do not recommend using harsh chemicals like bleach due to the delicate nature of our fabric. Babi Bw products prefer quality liquids or gels to keep the colours vibrant and softeners to maintain the ultimate snuggliness.

As our fabric is organic it has not been coated with nasty resins, where their main purpose is to prevent shrinking, so you should naturally expect Babi Bw garments to have some shrinkage after washing. We have given this plenty of thought and have allowed for this whilst sizing our garments (bigger than designed). Whilst damp, gently stretch the length of your garment, and reshape again when dry.

The shrinking of the organic cotton in our products will generally occur during the drying process, possibly a little more than 10%. Rapid drying processes cause the natural fibres of the fabric to become scrunched together. In order to reduce shrinking we do not recommend tumble dryers or drying our products by directly placing them on radiators. Instead we recommend that our products should be dried gradually. In the summer a line outside (out of direct sunlight) will accomplish this. In the winter months clothes can be placed flat on a towel in a ventilated room until they are dry.

If you feel the need to iron, please ensure it’s on the lowest setting and always avoid any embroidery or print by either ironing inside out or on the reverse. Finally, please do up any fasteners before washing.