What is Wales’ national sport?

When it comes to answering this question, answers will differ. Some say Rugby, others say its football. Whatever the sport, we can agree that we all want to see our team bringing home a win!

To make sure the next generation of fans are ready, we came up with very special Welsh-themed designs. Our inspiration came from our very own mystical creature – the Welsh dragon!

100% organic cotton baby leggings in Welsh dragon design
100% organic cotton baby leggings in Welsh dragon design. Welsh dragon gifts. Gift ideas for baby. Welsh baby gifts, Made in Wales by Babi Bw.

Our colourful dragon print is available in three colour options and handmade in our workshop. Soft and snuggly, and perfect for a cwtch during the game. If you’d like to send these dragon designs to a loved ones, take a look at our gift sets. We can help with gift wrapping too.

Get your newest Welsh fan match ready with our range of dragon print baby wear. Handmade right here in Wales!