Babi Bw (pronounced boo in Welsh) simply means Baby Boo!

We are a Welsh organic brand, celebrating all the joys that come with gifting for a new baby. From blankets for that cosy cwtch, to personalised sleepsuits to snuggle in.

Here at Babi Bw, we love organic products. Its is our responsibility to help support the environment for our future generations. Our organic cotton is grown using no nasty chemicals or fertilisers. This means that it is great for babies’ sensitive skin and ideal for any little ones with allergies. Organic cotton is extra durable and will always wash well. You can read more about the materials we use here.

We are super proud of our Welsh heritage – something which we carry through the heart and soul of our brand. Manufacturing has a long history in Wales, it is a part of our national story. The whole end to end process (design, translations, marketing, photography & production etc.) is created right here, in Wales! 💛

A few of our Welsh connections….

Babi Bw is a family brand and we think that the best ideas are thought up over a good cup of tea and a Welsh cake. From our cottage workshop in Monmouthshire, we sew and personalise our garments. Our products can be personalised for your friends or family.

From our cottage workshop in Monmouthshire, we sew and personalise all our garments.

A Welsh Cwtch

The idea for Babi Bw was born from having our own children and not finding organic baby clothes or accessories that were made in Wales with a modern style. Our logo snuggles the two Bs in our brand name into a ‘cwtch’, showing the snuggly nature of our super soft organic cotton. Some see a baby bump, the start of a family story for many… What do you see in our logo?

Organic cotton baby gifts by Babi Bw.
100% organic cotton baby gifts and clothing, made in Wales by Babi Bw.

Our passion for baby wear was born in Wales.

After receiving so many beautiful gifts from friends and family when we had our own little ones, it got us thinking about Welsh baby gifting …and that’s exactly how our journey with Babi Bw started!

We are passionate about quality, bringing manufacturing back to Wales. Above all, we want to ensure you and your loved ones feel as special as we did – receiving all of our beautiful gifts for our new arrival. Take a look at our products, we’re sure that you will find the perfect present to give to that special little one in your life.